One Touch Switching Made Easy

A suite of affordable tools and expertise to accelerate OTS adoption and Ofcom compliance

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We've developed tools and expertise to accelerate OTS adoption


OTS Gateway

Manage switching requests by uploading your circuit data


Hub API Adoption

Communicate with the OTS Hub and fulfil Ofcom obligations


OTS Emulator

Simulate switch actions and test your integration online

OTS Gateway

Switch Requests

Visualise all of your switch requests and send triggers to your business platforms

Circuit Database

Maintain an accurate list of your circuits to comply with OTS requirements

Integrated OTS Hub

Avoid costly development resource by using our built in OTS Hub API

Ofcom Compliance

Comply with contract transparency, OTS, auto compensation and renewals

OTS Emulator

Simulate Switch Requests

Emulate switch requests to help explain the OTS process. Link your systems to the emulator to validate your implementation prior to go live. Visualise in-flight switch requests and store payloads for compliance evidence.

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HUB API Adoption

Get help from our team to integrate your existing business software with the OTS Hub. Utilise our industry knowledge and prior experience of connecting over 190+ telecoms related APIs. Get help designing a fully automated process to deliver Ofcom compliance.

API Documentation

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